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about Pulso

PULSO has been providing design services, kitting services, and even electronic components from a variety of high-quality top manufacturers to customers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas for over 5 years. Please contact us right away.

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Working with PULSO

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    Product Improvements

    Staff from PULSO may assist you in making important modifications to your project/product to improve your offering and avoid end-of-life concerns.

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    Assembly & Kitting

    We can take different pieces and components and put them together to achieve your product goals in our cooperation with an award-winning CM.

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    Material Review Bill of Materials

    We can look over your BOM and evaluate it to see if there are any lifecycle issues with certain components.

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    Repair and Testing

    We provide a variety of value-added post-project services, such as failure analysis, testing, and repair for material that is still under warranty.

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    Other Repair Words

    There are many different types of electronic repair channels, however the bulk have been altered by Global Procurement.

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    Global Sourcing

    Popular SKUs are IN STOCK and ready to ship within 36 hours. We also have ready access to unique hard-to-find parts.

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