PULSO is a top - tier global components distributor with supply chain partners in more than 70 countries in Latin and North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Northern and Eastern Europe

about With over a decade of engineering experience, we branched off a large contract manufacturer to form PULSO Independiente. Based in Quito, Ecuador, PULSO offers for sale and import/export a wide variety of electronic component products with updated prices and stock. We supply component devices for electronics, robotics, and various computing projects.

We love components. We’re ready to support your semiconductor needs, and we can also provide batteries, motors, sensors, LEDs, screens.

We are a team of engineers with a common appreciation for quality. We continually develop and expand expertise to stay ahead of the supply chain. We hope you know that we will provide the best service you, as we do for our customers all over the world. We offer a 12- month quality guarantee on all components we sell.