Orders can be placed by phone, letter, fax, e-mail, or in person at our offices.
Any information about items, including prices, on the website or in other information material is merely an invitation to enter a contract, not an offer. Prices should be taken with a grain of salt. During sales, the price published by PULSO and approved in writing by an authorized employee is the binding price. Always double-check whether the price of an offer includes VAT. Shipping and customs fees are never included in the prices. Placing an order does not bind PULSO, and a lack of response does not imply that the order has been accepted without question.
Only in numbers adequate to their multiplicity may goods be ordered. For example, we are unable to dismantle reels. PULSO's products are of the greatest quality. The way they are transported, stored, and packaged guarantees that they are protected from mechanical and electrical damage.
To make purchases at the 0% VAT rate, customers from the European Union must provide their European registration VAT number. If we do not obtain such a confirmed number from you, as well as confirmation of the goods received, we will be forced to issue an invoice that includes our tax on goods and services (VAT) at the current rate. If the Customer does not present PULSO with a confirmation of European registration VAT number that is valid on the day of the agreement concluded with us, or if this number is invalid on the day of delivery, the Customer may be charged with a tax on goods and services (VAT). Customers having a head office outside of the European Union receive a VAT invoice as well as an EAD customs document with a unique MRN number, along with the products. This code should be shown at the border of the European Union. You will be charged the tax on goods if the products do not depart the European Union's customs border within 150 days of the EAD document being issued, or if crossing the border is not certified by the Border Customs Office. You will be charged with the tax on goods and services (VAT), according to the current rate being in force.
Returns must be made within 5 days of delivery if there is a quantity mismatch.
Returns of defective or incorrectly delivered goods should only be made after getting PULSO's permission and an RMA. A detailed description of the complaint's reason, a copy of the purchase document, and the intended method of resolution must all be included in the complaint.
Only by shipment without cash on delivery are the goods returnable. We will investigate the legitimacy of a complaint once we have received the notification and the goods in question. If the complaint is accepted, the only options are for the money to be refunded or for the goods to be replaced with defect-free products. We are unable to cover the costs of rework or downtime.
If the complaint is accepted, a rectification invoice will be given as confirmation that the Customer and PULSO's terms and conditions have been agreed upon and met.